Monday, November 21, 2011


I got into biology olympiad practical round! Haha, after throwing it totally out of my mind after the test to prepare for chemistry olympiad, I got in. Hmm and after the test, I found that I got some wrong and also there was no time for some calculation questions. Oh well, after a year of not doing biology practical, its two weeks of intensive training. Never imagine that I will get to know the college biology lab so well after deciding to drop biology at the end of last year.

Well if one wants to look at it from another angle, the bad thing about it is that my holidays are cut short again due to the need to take time to study... haha i guess nothing is free, using free very loosely. Nothing is as straightforward as what we choose to believe and theres always two sides to a coin. But ultimately they are still parts of the same coin and we need to accept both the head and the tails.

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