Saturday, November 12, 2011

An Amazing Day

It started off with SBO theory round. Alright, one thing down, hopefully I din't mess it up too badly. Time to start preparing for SChO...
Then, its off to Bishan to watch movie, 《那些年,我們一起追的女孩》. But before the movie started, we went to the arcade, where Song Hao was pro at playing the claw machine and won two toys ;P. Yay the little black cat and it's mouse.
The movie was so sweet, its kinda sad but at least they ended up as friends in the end... Hope I have someone to love like him...
Fac Outing!!!
Haha, in the end it was not the actual fac outing that was fun, it was rather the sitting by the reservoir's side listening/singing songs, in my case badly... It was nice to just be in the company of people who are important to us, wish we can do this again soon, its so rare that we get a chance to all just sit with nothing much to worry about or to study for.
Hmm wonder when we can go ice-skating....
I love you, SMTP 2011-12, especially 11S7B!!!

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