Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I am not cut out to live life alone

Grrr! Block leave is killing me.... Yet I wouldn't want to stay in camp without it.... Oh for the simplicity of going to school everyday. Lessons may at times be boring, homework may be hard, but everything was made much more bearable by the people around us. The vitality of the place filled us with energy, even at the end of the day where people are tired, many are still up for a game of bball. Even on the trip home, i still have someone to talk to.

Contrast that to today...
3 hours spent struggling with PyQt and still dunno how do simple things rawr!!!!!
2 hours on youtube watching John Green
2 hours sleeping
2 hours mapling
.5 hour playing poke

feelings during the above....

why no one on fb to talk to
oh no new camp --> what is signals like
                          --> enciks/officers going to be nice not...
and my hse is so dead....

NS, NS quickly finish, and let me go university and say hi to everyone again...

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