Wednesday, June 13, 2012


And... we are back....
Nepal was nice. Going back a second time gave a different kind of feeling. The first thing I realised was that our old camping site has become used for constructing new classrooms. I still recognise some of the kids there from last year but I don't think they recognise me anymore.
The villagers there seem to live a very relaxed life, but we who only went there for 7 days and only visited their village for 1 day can never be sure about that. Singapore is much too clean and we were not even given an opportunity to try their local food items as they were afraid that we would fall sick. Everything that we did there was first planned through carefully here in Singapore, nothing there was done on impulse except maybe Mr Ng letting us climb trees but even that was carefully thought about there.
Interacting with the kids have resulted in us realising that we have a lot more opportunities compared to the kids there. We were also kind of sad that those who can do well might not have a chance to do so in future due to where they were born. I believe that some of them are as smart if not smarter than us, we can see this through how they picked up what we were trying to teach them very quickly, much quicker than the others in class.They might have been able to excel and become some important members of society had they been born in a developed nation. I hope that in future, we would be able to sponsor one student a year to come to Singapore to study. This is quite hard however given the state of their current education in Nepal now.
The teachers worked very hard behind the scenes to ensure that we were doing what we had to do and that we did not have any accidents. Ms Choo's outburst might have seemed kind of an over-reaction to many of us at that time but in Thamel there were posters about a lady who has gone missing while trekking. We might not have been facing that kind of risk but if anything had happened to us how? There was a main road behind the school albeit there being not much cars there.
I hope I do not forget all that we have done and learnt there. Its only being 4 days since we have last seen the kids and already they seemed to be a lifetime away. I'm missing all the people around me and all the people for me to talk to, I'm so bored now alone....
Missing all my Saathis....

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