Sunday, February 19, 2012


This trip that everyone has/get to take just once
How many of us truly observe all that happens, how many of us actually pay attention to the going ons?
Life goes on regardless...

The people we meet, those whose paths we are fated to cross
How do we treat them? How will we be remembered in their minds?
Angel or Demon, life goes on...

All the things we do, all the actions we take
Do we ever pay attention to the repercussions?
Good or bad, life goes on...

All the challenges, all the tasks
Do we choose the attitude we use to face each day or are we just slipping into one of indifference?
Optimistic or pessimistic, life goes on....

Time never waits
To try or not?
Life goes on....

This is a one way trip, there's no return trip to try again, we have to make the best we can out of this journey, make all the friends we can, do all that we can to make this world a better place before we leave ;P

I want to thank all of you for accompanying me on this trip of a lifetime, I hope we will still be walking abreast together in the years to come...

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