Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sleep or alternatives to them

School is highly intelligent in switching to a new EMB without informing anyone....

Risk, the boardgame, highly effective time-killer, nommed half the day of our day in the chalet. Oh well but it was great fun ;P Min Jie, ARY, Yaoch we need to continue someday!!! (Hope Yaoch dun die so fast, sry) Learning when to go all out and when to retreat is so much fun and so confusing too
Pool, not the one that you jump into, fun to see my friends being awesomely imba and potting shots out of nowhere, not quite so fun to foul almost every other shot... haha
Movies, not horror ones, these are fun ;P (why Sean so bad...)
Horror movies, these on the other hand are not
Saboteur, the game too, this is a very confusing game, not in how to play but rather in how people play it, how do you read people's action, when does someone's action show that he is a saboteur, when is he helping, when do you reveal you are a saboteur, what to do without showing that you are a saboteur while still moving towards your goal... Interesting how a game can teach you so much if you choose to pay attention to it, oh and psychology is so fun ;P
 Sleep, sth which is conducted reluctantly during a chalet
Chalet, a place where all these happens, just a place for you to meet for a few days, yet it can also be so much more....

Hahaha, an image stuck in my head now is that of everyone sleeping from 9 to 11am, after staying up late the night before... Sleeping during the day and playing in the night, it seems inverted yet it makes it own sense too ;P

I guess that marks the end of our first year in 11S7B, let this new year give us much more memories!!! A levels, and then we are free!!! One last hurdle ;P All the best~

PS Slapjack is fun ;P

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